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Befriending Your Emotions


“What’s in the cave?” asks Luke. Yoda responded, “Only what you take with you.”


What one of us doesn’t enter the vulnerable dark cave of isolation, disappointment, anger, hurt and fear, alone? While standing face to face with the screeching shrill of our imaginings and italicized stories, we only truly face ourselves.


Many of us have spent a life time trying to out run the vulnerable darkness, redirect through pointed fingers, or flailing our way out of a deep resting look within, through busyness, perfection, attempting to control everything around us, acting out, or the sugary sweet niceness of denial.


As a child it was modeled and I was taught not to give voice, attention, or credence to feelings. Ever been told not to cry? It demonstrates weakness, or ineptness. Children don’t understand that the admonition is purely sourced in the adult’s discomfort of vulnerability.

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Day 16 I’m A Shaker

Shake it off

I’m a shaker. I’m the kind of gal that resists being squashed or diminished by the crowded in places where broad strokes narrow with every swipe. In fact, you might see me shaking or screaming from time to time as I exit stage right. Those crowded in places of lack of allowance threaten my ability to sing, so to avoid being defined by impotent labels that homogenize and villainize, I shake it off.


I get how easy it is to work to pull yourself up into something, having been a savvy striver and rule keeper myself, that is until I discovered the magnificence of grace. Now days, I’m learning  to give myself a wide berth, a big open space, should I stumble upon the watchdogs, the “shoulders” and load heapers staking out my freedom. I’m learning to shake it off.

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Day 13 Love Has a Target


Love has a target and you are it! That’s the message I heard yesterday, as I was once again reminded of the out of the world love of the Trinity.

Do you ever get caught up in the illusion of separation, as if you were stranded and alone?


Read the words to the 1996 Susan Ashton song below, Send a Message, which describes God’s apprehending love that bridged the gap, bringing us smack dab inside love, where there is no separation. 


Everyone, every once in awhile

Feels lost and alone sometime

But you don’t have to worry

Baby I’ll be by your side

Just send a message if there’s trouble here

I could be oceans away

I’ll go the distance baby don’t you fear

I would sail a sea of lonesome to an island of despair

I would search the streets of heartache ’cause no other love compares

If you’re stranded and alone out on the edges of the earth

I’d go anywhere for love now darlin’,

I know what its worth baby

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Day 6 Are You a Helicopter Mama?

Helicpoter Mama

This morning I woke up with the images of a dream still lingering within my reach. I dreamt that my family and I were in a helicopter. This was not your average helicopter, but rather one that seemed more like the size of a cruise liner.


On this helicopter we were able to ask for anything we wanted and were catered to, making sure we got whatever we asked for, as if we were known and highly revered by the staff. All the while the staff was ready and waiting to respond to our every word and need, protecting and providing care and support as we floated up above the world below.


What if there was a realm of peace and rest high above the clutter of the hustle and bustle below? What if in this realm there was the ease of maneuvering in and out of daily life as a helicopter maneuvers through tight spaces?

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Love Surprises

Love Suprised1

I found this dandy sticker that says, Love to be surprised on a piece of junk mail and immediately rescuing it, stuck it on my bathroom mirror. I knew there was a message in the text before I even grasped the simplicity of it! Now I regularly stare at this little love note to self while brushing my teeth and putting on my makeup. I am reminded that I am loved to be surprised! Just thinking about the nature of love makes me giddy and sends me twirling!


The thing about love is that it goes beyond normal reality. Have you ever heard someone that’s fallen in love, describe mundane, rational thoughts or feelings? Love’s signature is that you fall. We say falling “head over heels” because we tumble over ourselves in the best of ways, so that head is no longer the leader. We move beyond our rational thinking and all it’s limitations. We return to being the girl or boy that believed the sky was the limit.


It’s when we return to love, that we enter into Love’s surprises and we enjoy the nature of surprise lurking beyond the lattice, watching and waiting to lavish goodness at every turn. Diving into the depths and heights of love we are able to move out of pain and disappointment, needing to “know” and needing to be in control. We simply bask in Love’s intoxication.


I love good surprises and I know that I am Loved to be surprised! Are you in need of a good love overhaul that banishes doubt and rationale for some overdue merriment and joy? Let the mere thought of being so fully, wildly, out of control and opulently loved cause you to fall over your head!

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