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The Joy of Wind Blown Hair

Kimberism: “Well behaved women rarely make history.” Laura Thatcher Ulrich My friend Suzanne shared with me about taking her four year old niece for a ride in her convertible. The curiosity that emerged over a Transformer like car kept her young niece excitedly spouting questions, taking in the azure sky, while her hands waved in roller coaster style. We can learn something from the innocence of childlike wonder. Imagine if we faced the journey of life with the same childlike excitement over the adventure, put the top down on our cares; let our wind-blown hair sail as we coasted for the ride. What needs to be adjusted in your perspective to see life as a ride, a game and an adventure? What control do you need to let go of to enjoy the ride today?

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Screaming Under the Underpass

Kimberism: Every obstacle holds opportunity. Recently upon my morning walk I discovered a route that takes me under the most wonderful underpass. Normally I wouldn’t have considered this brief part of my trek scenically delightful and could have missing its value. However, I have discovered the most glorious part of my walk is when the traffic blazes through the underpass creating a thunderous noise. It is the perfect opportunity to scream, sing, or shriek at the top of my lungs! Then I continue my enthusiastic theme for the rest of the walk, whatever it may be. This combined with this season of artistic expression create the perfect vehicles to enjoy the scenery of life. What a delight it is to let all of my pent up emotion come howling out from the depth of my being. My beautiful jaunts, vivid with California vegetation, sunshine, and concrete overpass creates fodder for some of my best ideas, now enhanced with screeching at the top of my lungs under the underpass. What ways are you finding to scream under your own underpass? I would love to hear how you creatively let off steam and navigate through your own passage ways of life!

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My Sofa Reeks of Affluence

Kimberism: “….prosperity are the result of a harmonious adjustment of the inner with the outer of the man with his surroundings.” James Allen It’s easy to look around and measure oneself against others, according to external, monetary and superficial measurements. Yet when we do so, often we know nothing about the person’s inner world that we may have judged incorrectly. We probably make inaccurate judgments about celebrities every time we see them on television without knowing the truth about their lives. What if we stopped for a moment and moved out of our own insecurities that caused us to grasp for check marks and measured our world by the actual wealth we do possess. 

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Choosing a New Reality

Kimberism: Perceived obstacles are matter of interpretation.  I took off for my morning walk feeling little energy or joy surrounding the task at hand. As I contemplated that reality something rose up in me and I began to command my body to agree with the choice I had made. I said, “You are strengthened in your inner man. You will be joyful” and suddenly without thought I began to sing about the reality I had chosen for myself. By the time I returned home to my doorstep I felt energized, joyful and full of gleeful expectation. Are you choosing the reality you want or letting your current situation dictate your reality? Begin today to choose your reality and then sing into it! 

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Make Your Outlandish Big Dream List

Kimberism: If you can believe it, you can live it! I am continuing on from my last post, Things that Make Your Heart Go Pitter Patter with another of my favorites, The Bucket List. However, lets just call it what it is, The Outlandish Big Dream List! I encourage you to make a list, or update an old one for the New Year too. Make your list as detailed as possible. Be bold, be courageous, be authentically you and be as outlandish as you dare to be. Don’t worry what others may think. Give yourself permission to dream big! The next step of course would be to set in place the strategies, structures and support to see these things come to pass. Wishing will get you nowhere! Intentional action will carry you from where you are to where you desire to be. Make this a year of outlandish dreams and intentional growth.

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