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Keeping Cool In Heated Situations

Kimberism: The English have an extraordinary ability for flying into a great calm. Alexander Woolcott Years ago while taxing my kids around I tried to calmly enter the flow of traffic amidst a busy interchange. The problem was one grumpy driver’s resistance to allowing my access. Seeing that the old man was bent on blocking my entrance to my surprise I found myself shouting out the window, “Go take a nap!” My young children broke out into laughter retorting, “Wow mom! You really let him have it!” Although my reaction may have been tame, it became a reoccurring phrase that helps me release steam in hot situations.

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Are You Giving Away Your Gold?

Kimberism: “Although men are accused of not knowing their own weakness, yet perhaps few know their own strength. It is in men as in soils, where sometimes there is a vein of gold which the owner knows not of. “Jonathan Swift Did your mom ever say to you, “If you don’t have something good to say keep your thoughts to yourself?” That phrase was frequently repeated when my kids were small. When ever they criticized someone or something I required them to find five good things to say about the person, or thing.  Although this practice is a useful disciple, how often do we speak judgmental things over ourselves, or allow others to speak harmful things over us?

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Has the Carpet Been Pulled Out From Under You?

Kimberism: Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’re up to. Author Unknown While having coffee with a girl friend I reached into my purse to find a pen and managed to pull out pieces of shredded tissue, wads of paper and who knows what else. Laughing I exposed the hot mess I currently am! A few minutes later I looked down to realize that my fly was open! Do you ever feel like your life is seeping out from the seams like dough oozing out from a can of Pillsbury biscuits? In the past I have done a pretty good job of controlling the seepage. However, like most everyone I know, I am in a season of letting go of control in a deeper, more profound way than ever before. The days of scurrying to keep a perfect house, having every article placed neatly in my purse and completed Christmas shopping by October are gone. Since my natural power grid is being altered I am tapping into a Superior Power Source!

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Gypsy Heart


Kimberism: Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.  ~Pablo Picasso Often I encourage clients to let their Gypsy Heart out to play! In the hustle and bustle of adult life it is easy to surrender the vitality of the childlike-heart we once possessed.

A friend of mine taps into what she refers to as her gypsy heart by running as fast as she can along a trail alone in the woods. She feels the wind blowing through her hair, connecting her to her untamed, wild heart, reminiscent of the Indian Princess she imagined being as a child.

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Don’t Let Anyone Clip Your Wings

Kimberism: Some were born to anchor and some were born to fly. Some of my favorite women in the world are what the Path Element Profile by New York Times Bestselling Author Laurie Beth Jones refers to as “Winds.” This component of the personality profile describes a free spirited, easy, breezy type that is warm, social and usually the life of the party. We all know that wind can be utterly refreshing, or downright destructive. Depending on the personality profile of an individual,  a “wind” can be light and easy going, or impossibly flaky. The one thing for certain about these types (owning a substantial degree of wind in my own profile) is that no matter how much you try to clip their wings and keep them grounded, they were born to fly.

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