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My New Friend

Kimberism: Gifts come in big packages, small packages and sometimes marred human packages. When I first saw Steve I did what many do in a city where there are many homeless, I just kept walking. Then I followed my sister’s example and stocked my glove compartment with crackers for stop-light-pan-handlers. However, I’ve abandoned this tactic after crackers were thrown back at me from an ungrateful man! Like many I have swung between wanting to ignore the onslaught of humanity right in my face, and wanting to rescue every homeless person I’ve seen. However, I made the choice to push past the boundary of my comfort zone by taking steps to befriend the homeless I see regularly in my neighborhood, hence Steve.

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Lane Change

Kimberism: The only risks that aren’t a little scary are the ones you’ve outgrown. Price Prichett Have you ever been heading down the road in one lane and suddenly the lane ends, while you are pushed into a new lane? Many people are experiencing this sort of shift in their lives right now. Many are being pushed out of the comfortable lane they’ve occupied for some time, feeling awkward, uncertain and off their mark, while reeling in a sense of powerlessness. Lane shifts can be sudden and dramatic. Back in the 80’s while driving on the 405 freeway in southern California I was actually pushed out of my lane and off the road by an out of control vehicle. It’s clear that sometimes sudden lane changes can be dangerous. When shifting lanes its important to be clear about the direction you are heading in, so you don’t end up off the road, taking others with you. Lane shifts can feel like the hours of labor before a birth, requiring a hefty dose of fortitude. Like in birth, you really don’t know what to expect until the delivery. You can’t see the child’s face, or experience its nature until you can actually grab a hold of it. The same is true while in route through life. You often don’t know what is down the road or around the corner until you get there.

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Effortless Bliss

Kimberism: Makeovers start on the inside with a willing surrender. I have spent years of my life convinced that an intentional ,direct pursuit was the ticket to great results. However, despite my best efforts, the greatest results in my life have not come through my most strenuous efforting, but through effortlessness! That throws a wrench in most of our ideologies. We tend to think if we do the work we will reap rewards. Funny thing is, my effortlessness has produced far greater results than any amount of hard work! I believe you might be able to say the same things if you really take a good look. There are those that vehemently resist this kind of thinking showing glowing proof of their hard earned efforts. You can look around and see that many have found success through an ego driven win-at-all-cost-approach based on sheer will power and determination. Although success is possible with this method, in the end it is not satisfying.

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Are You Playing for the Right Team?

            Kimberism: “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” Bruce Schneider I’ve settled many times into new cities with hopes of new opportunities and new friendships and faced the challenge of believing in what I couldn’t see.  Once when it seemed I couldn’t be more challenged I came into a direct collision with an artist of a spicy line of note cards who suggested I close my eyes and pick from her hand-held-spray of cards. When I glanced up at the message I had chosen it said, “Goddess of Vision: If you can see it, you can be it!” That was a profound confirmation of what I already knew to be true and the encouragement I needed in that moment. However, I could have rejected it and chosen to bat against the home team. But because I understood that it was a conscious choice, I chose to come into alignment with the message my team leader (God) affirmed in my life. I chose to agree with His good intention toward me. Sometimes it seems we are playing on opposing teams with ourselves! One part says, “Yes! I embrace that life giving message!” and another part says, “Who are you kidding? I confess there have been plenty of times when I’ve had to dig deep for hope, through widowhood and more. However, I am no fool. I know which team to cheer for!

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Money Trap

Kimberism: The foundation determines what will be built. We are in a new age where statistics tell us that women are spearheading a new force of entrepreneurialism across the globe. One of the most significant shifts we are seeing is that women are modeling business in a new way. Instead of driven by the need to win and beat out their competitors, many women are doing business through a win-win model that supports others, rather than tears them down. There is also a mindset shift where heart-centered entrepreneurs are realizing that they can receive compensation for their expertise. This is crucial advancement for many heart-centered entrepreneurs who have never offered their expertise for money in the first place and often have under valued their skill. This is a needed upleveling for many heart-centered entrepreneurs. However, there lies the challenge for women of maintaining balance rather than following suit with the old competitive model of chasing after the consuming jingle of money that ultimately overrides the heart in heart-centered.

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