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Nurturing the Creative Within

Kimberism: Creativity is merely a reflection of Divine Inspiration.

Being a “creative” I can’t help but create. I believe we were all born to create in the image of the One who created us! Even though I have a natural propensity toward creating often I stumble into patterns that shut down my creativity tendencies. Because of this struggle to stay in a “creative space” I have learned personal criteria that is essential to nurturing my creative nature. Although the keys I am about to share with you may seem unrelated to creativity, they create the right environment for innovation to flourish. I am sharing the keys that work for me, so you can determine what works for you.

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Opening the Conversation

Kimberism: Faith puts God in the midst of our circumstances. Catastrophic earthquakes have pillaged parts of the world and then I read about more devastating storms sweeping across the country prompting the question, “What do you do when earth quakes shake your life, or business?” It’s obvious that in frightful times rescue is not found in the removal of difficult circumstances, but by the presence of something move powerful in the midst of the circumstance. When business and every day life are overshadowed by the vastness of a new day life requires faith.

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Kimberism: Make sure “waiting” is not an excuse that capsizes your plans. Steven Pressfield said speaking of artists and children, “…they’re not aware of time or solitude while they’re chasing their vision. The hours fly. The sculptress and the tree climber tyke both look up blinking when Mom calls “Suppertime!” Can you say that about your work? Do you look up at the end of the day unaware that time has flown by, because you’ve been fully engaged? If not, why not? I think the culprit could be called resistance. I am quite familiar with resistance. It’s the voice in my head that says “give it up” or “take to the couch!” It acts as an anchor that pulls me down and keeps me separated from my best work.

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Spring’s Hope

Kimberism: New life is ever present if we will receive it. Spring offers a poignant message that has been lived out in my life over and over again. The most dramatic example was when my sweet husband Bill passed away fifteen years ago on Good Friday. Although my shattered world was layered with winter barrenness, unbeknownst to me life was stirring below the surface. As with Easter and spring time, new life can’t be held back. New life emerged before my eyes with promise and hope. The amazing thing about spring is that it can’t be forced, or hurried. You can’t make buds appear before their time. Yet, with no warning an unimpressive patch of earth reveals its first green shoots signaling the hope of what is to come. 

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Are You in Need of a Makeover?

Kimberism: Makeovers start on the inside with a willingness to morph and grow. Women love makeovers. The proof is evident all over TV land. Women naturally radiate beauty until something causes us to stagger into survival mode. We all have seasons of pruning and seasons of blooming that cause us to morph into brighter shades of our true colors. Although I am no stranger to major life transitions, I forgot the overhaul that big moves cause on ones psyche. Even though I know it takes two years to adjust to a major move, I hadn’t recognized the extreme drought my soul was in until I was taken by surprise and lathered with affection. Suddenly a fresh volt of color surged through my need-for-makeover-soul, as I recognized that my summer brights had dulled to grey.

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