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Is Resistance Causing You to Hit the Wall?

Kimberism: “If you hear a voice inside saying, “You are not a painter”, then by all means paint…and that voice will be silenced.” Vincent Van Gogh In the last two blog posts I tried to encourage those with intimidating voices nagging in their head, “You’re merely an amateur,” to own their value and move past their fear. I wrote about catching confidence as if reaching for a fly ball. Another way to describe these road blocks that many small business owners, or business owner wannbes deal with is called resistance. How well do you face your resistance? Have you ever consider that some of your greatest resistance is because you need to do the thing you fear? Steve Pressfield writes in The War of Art, “Remember our rule of thumb: The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.”

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Confidence Is Caught

Kimberism: To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence. Mark Twain

Every now and then you meet a person that comes out of the womb with a strong sense of confidence, but more often than not confidence is caught over time, not hatched.

I work with many women who are smart, and beautiful, bursting with evidence of their own unique gold. The only problem is they don’t seem to recognize it. Do you struggle with a Gremlin that challenges your validity and keeps you in hiding?

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Sometimes Amateurs Have an Advantage

Kimberism: Careful not to be taken in by other’s Titanic-sized-bling lest you too become capsized! Many people think they are disqualified, because they’re not smart enough, professional enough, degreed enough, or savvy enough. But look around at the state of our country based on the expertise of professionals. The Titanic was build by professionals and the Ark was build by an amateurs. Which water craft would you rather have occupied? Did you ever consider that amateurs have the advantage of Ark-like inspiration when they tap into their greatest strengths and play by their own rules. The story of Noah gives us a great illustration of over-the-top innovation that saved his family, while boastful antagonist sank with their quips.

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Stand Up Against Slavery

Kimberism: “Men are disturbed, not by things, but by the principles and notions which they form concerning things.” Epictetus Women are changing the face of business, with their compassion, partnerships, vision and new way of doing business. Today companies and individuals are connecting the pieces of their lives, and choosing to live and do business congruently. Like the heart centered women I work with bent on making a difference in the world, one of the issues I am passionate about supporting is the work to irradiate human trafficking. Did you know that there are more people enslaved today than at any other time in human history? Human trafficking is the world’s second largest criminal enterprise, after drugs and weapons and there are an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 children, women and men trafficked across international borders annually.

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It’s a Family Affair

Kimberism: This world of ours… must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect. Dwight D. Eisenhower A few posts ago I wrote about the idea of knowing your tribe. Today I want to go a little deeper, as I broach the topic of family. Family is one of my core values in life, and not simply because I have a hefty brood. The family I am referring to doesn’t have to originate from the same blood line, the same back ground, or even the same ideologies. I believe family is established around essential qualities. I understand that for some people the idea of family is neither safe, nor a fond notion. However, I believe that what most people want in life is to feel the sense of family, the sense of safety, and belonging. People want to know that there is a safe place to be truly authentic.

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