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Hiding Out In the Dugout, Or Occupying Your Promised Land?

How often in life do we find a nice piece of turf, plant ourselves and remain unmoved? Isn’t that the American way, find your dream home and plant yourself there?

Well it wasn’t always that way. The Israelites of old lived in movement. They moved with the cloud by day and moved by fire at night, so they could be brought into their Promised Land.

The revolutionary, radical, fire-branded ones who made it to their Promised Land, were those that didn’t settle for less. How often have you found yourself lulled into complacency; camped out on the same relic turf you’ve occupied for years; tamed; lukewarm; and having lost the internal motivation and fire to move forward into your Promised Land?

Have you given up on your vision, or has your vision become so obscured from the dust of the cloud passing you by that you’ve completely lost sight of it? Are you forfeiting your Promised Land? I’m not talking about the promise of the by and by. I’m talking about the ground you’re meant to occupy here and now.

Maybe you are meant to be at the top of your game impacting the business community, or your Promised Land is to impact those around you through your craftsmanship, art, or music? Maybe you’re a dedicated Educator whose lost sight of the power you have to change lives. Have you lost sight of your vision? If so it’s not too late!

However, you will never be content camped out on yesterday’s turf, while you fail to occupy your Promised Land today. If you’ve been stuck in your own dug out, get the support you need to occupy and refocus your future. Women are waking up and taking their land! Don’t settle for the dugout when you can occupy your Promised Land.

To get out of the dugout and occupy your Promised Land
1. Get real about what ignites your passion and nurture the seeds of that passion into vision
2. Don’t wait for something magical to move you to where you want to be, strategically plan to get there
3. Value the time you’ve been given, steward it wisely by investing in your future today
4. Invest in what will practically equip you to bring your vision into fruition
5. Follow other entrepreneurs, and mentors who are where you want to be
6. Don’t wait for permission to take the reigns of your life
7. Get activated and drive your life!

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Rebel, Rebel, I’m Hip to Your Ways

When you’re new to an area and begin the search for a hair stylist it’s easy to forget about the risk involved on a typical beauty boot camp day. Although you may previously have had a stylist extraordinaire, when trying someone new there is always the chance you might come out a different shade of who you are. Rather than baring your beauty muscles, you might feel more like sheepishly ducking down the alley! I battled the latter temptation this past week.

Even though I clearly explained to the new stylist that my hair tends to go rebel, picking up brassy, red tones, wouldn’t you know it… it did! Expecting that this stylist would believe me, and more importantly have the experience to counter my rebel locks, I was bamboozled into a much dowdier shade of who I am! My day at beauty boot camp went rogue when my blond locks turned mousy!

Today as I face the world with a head of mousy, brassy, blond/brown hair, I dare not give into the tendency to shrink back into someone less than who I am. You know how we girls like our hair! That means I am digging to my core to muster up my moxie!

We all have days like this when our insides don’t match our outside world, in my case, my outsides don’t match my inside world. This is when we face our “choices” head on in the middle of the road.

On days like these, we have the choice to stay captive to our inner Gremlins and the tendency to hide, (a Gremlin is a term to describe your inner scripts that hold you back) or we can move forward by owning the truth about ourselves. I have found that these steps are mandatory when my personal value is challenged.

3 Things to Do When Your Insides Rebel

1. By all means decide who is boss

2. Walk straight into what your Gremlin is trying to keep you out of. It’s sure to be a good thing

3. Fake it until you make it

When we give ourselves the benefit of the doubt over the accusing scripts that work to derail our confidence, it is sure to be a winning move. How are you hip to rebel voices in your own life? In what area of your life can you implement these simple steps to stand up for your better self, rather than cave to rebel saboteurs?

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Investing in Tomorrow, Today

Through the years I have been amazed by the amount of people I meet who complain about their life, but aren’t willing to do anything to change it. All the while, we’ve each been given life, like a perfectly seeded garden, full with potential. Yet, it’s our job to water it. And that is just the beginning of the intentional cultivation our lives require.

Passivity is no where on the list of what a garden needs to thrive. We’re talking about healthy attention and investment in our lives to yield bountiful fruit.

The truth is, most people appreciate the things they work the hardest for, or shell out the most cash to acquire. If there isn’t some investment in our lives, we won’t value what we’ve been given. Yet many people don’t connect the investment they make to the benefit they will reap. 

You can tell a lot about a person who isn’t willing to pay for something of value, but  instead wants everything handed to them. The fruit of a scarcity mentality is usually rather obvious in their life. What kind of yield do you thing they will reap?

Recently I was challenged to up the ante in my own life, and increase my investment in areas where I desire to see growth. That’s why I am grateful for the wealth of valuable skill and information others possess that I have invested in and profited from. I know that every investment I make in someone else’s expertise is an investment that goes directly into my life.

Do you live in scarcity, or are you generously making investments in your life and in your future? If you are reluctant to invest in others services, to aquire the tools you need to get to the next level in your life, how do you imagine your garden will grow?

Why not up the ante and commit to make one new investment in your life this week. Stretch beyond your comfort zone and sow into your future. How will you invest in your tomorrow, today?

What’s In Your Front Yard?

There is a Proverb that says, “The perceptive find wisdom in their own front yard, fools look for it everywhere but right here.”

Sometimes we don’t recognize the value in something close to home. My son Joshua didn’t recognize the ability he possessed to effect his environment, which resulted in continuous job offers. He overlooked his inate ability to relate and communicate to people, because it was right under his nose and seemed so natural.

Likewise I didn’t understand the ability I possessed to connect and befriend people, because it was natural to me. I have a long history of bringing individuals together into a sense of community. Now I recognize the value this brings in a world where people long to feel connected to family. I’m not ashamed to say it!

What’s in your front yard that you are over looking? A clue is: it will be something, so natural to you that it slips your notice.

Ask five people who know you well to list your greatest strengths. Once uncovered, this element will be a key in connecting to what makes you thrive. The world needs what you have and were uniquely gifted to impart.

So what makes you great? Its time to follow your delight, be delight-led, and connect to your greatness.

Integrated Life

I was talking with my coach this week, yes coaches have coaches. Once you experience partnering with a coach you won’t ever go it alone again! I shared with her how I had created a collage the day before around the new season in my life. Collaging is something I have done for years. I teach workshops using this tool, because it is such a powerful way to bypass the traps of rigid adult thinking and connect to the place of our greatest creativity, a childlike heart. Collaging serves many purposes, and is a great tool to:

1. By passes the linear thinking of ones intellect
2. Renew the mind. Through this process you can realign entrenched thought patterns, re-structure them with what is true, good, and right concerning your life
3. Give yourself permission to express what is in your childlike heart that you haven’t given a voice to
4. Help you get in touch with your intuition
5. Divinely connect and help you come into alignment with your purpose, vision and path
6. Put down on paper your vision. Sometimes this is the initial conception of a vision, before moving forward with intention and action to create it
7. Brain storming

My personal coach knows well the value I place on “fun” in my life. That means the days of compartmentalized life; separate components for work, family, friendship, and spiritual life, are over. I live a thriving, fun, life. I don’t want to waste a moment working with people I don’t enjoy, or dutifully giving lip service to an idea I abhor. I decided sometime ago that life is too short to merely tolerate. I realized I can love my work, the people I associate with, as all aspects of life are integrated together.

Collaging is a great picture of this concept as you piece together various components into one. On my new collage I pasted the phrase, “known for great dinner parties!” As soon as I aligned with my fun loving nature that welcomes the outsider and makes new friends easily, something happened! Within a couple of days a party began brewing like a quickly approaching wind, integrating new friends, old friends, family, business, and life.

Are you enjoying all aspects of your life, or do you find your world compartmentalized? Do you go to work as one person and come home as someone else? What would your ideal life look like? See if you get a clearer picture by answering the following questions:

1. What would I like to feel concerning my life?
2. Am I being authentic and true to myself about the life I desire?
3. Do I wake up eager to jump out of bed in the morning? Why not?
4. What does the integrated collage of my life say?
5. Am I ready to get honest about the gap between where I am, and where I desire to be?
6. Am I willing to drive my life to where I want to go?
7. What is one step I can take this week to move toward what I desire?

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